In accordance with SEBI guidelines, PrimeWealth has disclosed the commissions received from mutual fund companies below. The service level provided and any recommendations made by PrimeWealth are not influenced by the amount of commissions received.

The table below details the commission structure applicable to PrimeWealth from mutual fund companies.

AMC Name*Equity Funds**Debt FundsELSS
Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund0.85% to 1.20%0.10% to 0.80%0.90%
Axis Mutual Fund0.60% to 1.59%0.02% to 0.85%0.90%
Canara Robeco Mutual Fund1.05% to 1.80%0.30% to 0.75%1.20%
DSP Mutual Fund0.55% to 1.40%0.10% to 0.90%1.00%
Edelweiss Mutual Fund0.55% to 1.40%0.20% to 0.55%1.40%
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund0.20% to 1.65%0.08% to 0.76%1.18%
HDFC Mutual Fund0.90% to 1.55%0.05% to 0.90%0.95%
HSBC Mutual Fund0.25% to 1.50%0.04% to 0.50%0.80%
ICICI Mutual Fund0.10% to 1.50%0.10% to 0.65%0.95%
IDFC Mutual Fund0.50% to 1.60%0.05% to 0.60%1.20%
Invesco Mutual Fund1.05% to 1.75%0.04% to 0.65%1.40%
Kotak Mutual Fund0.70% to 1.55%0.10% to 0.85%1.45%
Mirae Asset Mutual Fund0.65% to 1.55%0.10% to 0.85%0.65%
Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund0.60% to 1.50%0.15% to 0.80%1.15%
Nippon India Mutual Fund0.20% to 1.45%0.15% to 0.75%1.10%
PGIM India Mutual Fund0.60% to 1.65%0.10% to 0.50%1.65%
PPFAS Mutual Fund0.85% to 1.10%0.10% to 0.35%1.10%
SBI Mutual Fund0.20% to 1.55%0.10% to 0.60%1.10%
Sundaram Mutual Fund0.55% to 1.70%0.10% to 0.90%1.35%
Tata Mutual Fund0.35% to 1.80%0.05% to 0.45%1.30%
UTI Mutual Fund0.10% to 1.40%0.05% to 0.20%1.20%

*Equity-oriented schemes also include equity hybrid funds and equity arbitrage funds.

**Debt-oriented schemes include all funds that are not classified as equity-oriented (except ELSS).

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