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Will You Take Care of My Taxes in India?

Yes, we will handle all your tax needs in India related to your money matters. We’ll make sure to consider international tax agreements to manage your taxes properly.

Can I Return to India and Retire Comfortably?

We specialise in helping people from other countries plan their return to India for a comfortable retirement. Retiring doesn’t mean you have to stop working. We can help you use your money to make steady income without much effort and also find ways to keep you actively involved in business to stay busy.

Why Should I Convert Money and Invest in India?

Deciding to bring money to India and invest here needs a careful look at the big economic picture. We also make it easy for people living outside India to invest in Indian markets in their own currency.

Why Do I Need to Work With an Advisor?

Having a lot of wealth means you have a lot to take care of. Having a trusted expert with you helps you make the best choices with your money and also make sure that the wealth you build is taken care of after you are no longer around.

Investment Opportunities: Dubai Vs Other Middle East Countries​

Investment opportunities for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in Dubai offer a unique advantage compared to other Middle East countries due to Dubai’s thriving economy, strategic location, and business-friendly environment. Here are five investment opportunities that make Dubai stand out:

1. Real Estate: Dubai’s real estate market is renowned for its stability and resilience. NRIs can invest in residential, commercial, or rental properties. Unlike some other Middle East countries, Dubai allows freehold ownership of properties in designated areas. The potential for property appreciation, a high rental yield, and tax-free rental income make it an attractive choice.

2. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC): DIFC is a financial free zone in Dubai, home to numerous global and regional financial institutions. NRIs can explore opportunities in financial services, including banking, wealth management, and fintech. The well-regulated environment and access to a diverse range of financial instruments make DIFC an excellent choice for investments.

3. Business and Entrepreneurship: Dubai’s strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and business-friendly policies make it an ideal place for starting or investing in businesses. NRIs can benefit from various free zones, each designed for specific industries, allowing full foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and repatriation of profits.

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4. Global Trade and Logistics: Dubai’s strategic location between East and West has established it as a global trade and logistics hub. NRIs can explore investments in trade-related businesses, logistics, and supply chain management. Dubai’s ports and infrastructure make it a gateway to international trade.

While other Middle East countries may offer some of these investment opportunities, Dubai’s reputation as a global financial and business center, along with its progressive economic policies, gives it a unique advantage. However, it’s essential for NRIs to conduct thorough research, seek professional advice, and understand the local regulations and tax implications before making any investments. Dubai’s diversified economy and investor-friendly environment make it a compelling destination for NRIs seeking growth and diversification of their investment portfolios.


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Dubai is a city of dreams and opportunities, a bustling global hub where people from all corners of the world come to chase their aspirations. Among these ambitious individuals are Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), whose dreams often extend beyond borders. As an NRI in Dubai, you’re part of a vibrant community that thrives in this cosmopolitan oasis. Yet, managing your finances and investments can be a complex endeavor, considering the dual responsibilities and opportunities you have in both your adopted home and your country of origin, India.

That’s where our dedicated team at PrimeWealth, steps in. We understand the distinct challenges and opportunities that NRIs encounter in the realm of financial planning and wealth management.

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