Important Points To Consider Before Buying Health Insurance

Today, several health insurance plans are available to cater to different needs. Suppose you are looking to start a family. In that case, an insurance policy that provides maternity cover will be a better fit.

What’s Your Number One Requirement?


The sum assured is the total amount that you can avail against your expenses. As a general rule of thumb, your sum assured should be at least 6 times your salary.

Decide Your  Sum Assured  Limit


The next item that you need to check off your list is deciding who you want to cover in the plan. To do that, you need to take their current health conditions into account.

Check Who You Want To Cover In The Plan


Family floater plans are affordable & insure your family within one policy. Suppose you have members who are above 50 or are suffering from some ailment. In that case, an individual plan can be a better option.

Should You Get Individual Cover or Family Floater?


Opt for a policy that offers room rent for a private room or doesn’t have any cap. Some policies offer 1% of the total sum assured as daily room rent. ICU charges are covered up to 5% of the sum insured.

Room Rent, ICU Charges & Home Hospitalisation


Most policies have sub-limits & co-pay. Insurance companies may put a cap on certain expenses & surgeries. Compare these deductibles & buy an insurance plan only if you are okay with the exceptions.

Always Look Out For Any Sublimit/Co-pay


Cashless hospitalisation facility is a boon for individuals. Here, the hospital bills are settled with the insurance company. Hospitals that have a tie-up with insurers offer cashless hospitalisation.

Check Out The Network Hospitals In Your Area


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