Important Insurance Policy Options For Doctors

This insurance acts as a sort of safety net, protecting you and your business from the financial demands made by your irate clients. If you are the target of a negligence claim, our insurance will cover all the expenses incurred in defending you.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

Risks Covered

1. Accusations of patient     neglect  2. Medical advice that             caused harm  3. Breach of     confidentiality  4. Infringement of                intellectual property  5. Impaired or     unauthorised access  6. Civil fines and penalties 7. Libel, slander and     defamation

1. Abuse of substance like     alcohol and drugs while     offering services 2. Criminal activities 3. Cosmetic plastic     surgery, hair         transplants, plastic     surgery and weight loss     treatment

Risks  Not Covered

This is yet another insurance that is increasingly crucial for doctors. Personal accident insurance offers the best protection against unintentional injuries and impairments, which is quite helpful in safeguarding doctors from occurrences of physical attack.


Personal Accident Insurance

Despite expertise in the medical sector, doctors can nonetheless get sick or have mishaps that necessitate expensive medical care. Doctors and their families are financially protected by health insurance in the event of unforeseen medical costs.


Health Insurance

Term life insurance is one of the solutions available to assist doctors in safeguarding the financial stability of their families. Should our journey be cut short, it offers our loved ones a death benefit.


Life  Insurance

A backlash might develop if sensitive material is handled improperly, medication is prescribed, or handling procedures are used. General liability insurance is necessary for medical practitioners to protect themselves whether they work alone, in an office, or in a hospital.


General Liability Insurance

Liabilities Covered

1. Patient and visitor        injuries 2. Patient and visitor       property damage 3. Advertising injuries,     such as libel and               slander

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