Amey and Shreya

Amey and Shreya


Personal Finance

“We Need to Start Planning and Investing"


  • To create an emergency fund
  • Save for kids pre-school in near future
  • Buy a dream house in next 5 years
  • Plan for a Euro Trip in 2 years
  • Buy a Car by next Diwali


  • Amit and Shreya recently tied knot
  • Both work in I.T, making good income and like to travel for vacations
  • Now, they want to plan their finances in order to achieve goals and to become wealthy

How We Helped

Step 1
Our focus with Amey and Shreya was Goal based planning. First, they had to go through our initial financial assessment. Our initial analysis showed them where we need to start with in terms of investments and insurances.

Step 2
We organized their finances and constructed a financial plan which they understood. We help them chalked down the tentative values of their goals and how we need to start investing towards achieving those.

Step 3
We set up a financial portal where they can login to see their finances at one place. Since they were in their late 20s, we created an investment strategy in accordance with their risk profile and right investment product selection.