Rohit and Pooja

Rohit and Pooja


Personal Finance

“ Need to Ensure That We Have Enough"


  • Higher Education Funding for their daughter
  • Plan for funds for their daughter’s marriage
  • Plan for Income sources after retirement
  • Optimization of Taxes


  • Rohit and Pooja are married for 8 years now and have a 6 years old daughter kavya studying in 1st Standard
  • Rohit heads senior management at a consulting firm while Pooja is a Full-time Homemaker since the time kavya was born
  • Rohit can hardly find time out from work. They have never hired a financial advisor before

How We Helped

Step 1
Our initial analysis showed where they were lacking in terms of investment selection, insurance optimization and tax planning. We could point them out where we could save more on their taxes and also future taxes that might accrue on our existing investments.

Step 2
We organized their finances and constructed a comprehensive financial plan which they understood. We set up a financial portal where they can login to see their finances at one place. We tested a few scenarios and determined the amount they could need to maintain the same lifestyle after retirement. We also assumed that kavya might opt to pursue higher education abroad and how much corpus they need to gather to fund her education.

Step 3
Finally we got a clear idea of whether Rohit and Pooja will be in a situation to achieve these goals and how far are they from achieving it. They were now clear about what amount has to be increased to the existing investment schedule on monthly basis. Should they sell their existing home or not? And what percentage of amount they can spend which will not put them in any risk.