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Estate Planning

Nobody wants to think about mortality. But Estate planning is just a process of transferring hard earned wealth to loved ones. It’s the biggest myth that estate planning is meant only for ultra- rich and/or is post-retirement process. Nominations not necessarily result in ownership. In absence of will, native succession law may be effective, and your loved ones may have to prove to be legal heirs. With estate planning, make sure your loved ones don’t suffer.

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Bespoke planning

Every case is studied with all the requirements and individual needs. There is no fixed formula for every plan. We value every relation, personal beliefs and craft the plan accordingly.

Bereavement support

We realize that providing compassionate yet informed support to grieving client is our duty as estate planners. We take care of the documentation and all legal processes while client suffers through the loss.

Maintain relations

Through estate planning we together with clients focus on protecting heirs and eliminating family strife or ugly legal battles with balanced allocation based on individual needs. Not only wealth but we help transfer the legacy to heirs.

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Estate plan

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Distribution as per need

Transfer of estate as per individual needs of heirs and to those who care.

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Will or Trust

Will or Trust, we suggest what suits best for you with legal compliance

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Tax efficent

Plan that complies local laws, efficiently mitigates taxes and complete control of funds


Transparent advisory

A clear structure and transparent mandate that enables clients to pass on the heritage

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